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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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legalized. the unofficial marijuana holiday is about freedoms abrights. -- and rights. >> mike didn't allow marijuana in his house when they were young, but now he's retired he smokes with his son. >> this isn't a drug. it's a medication. it should be allowed just like alcohol. pgh so he's medicating. >> oh oh, yeah. we're smoking a blunt right now. >> now that i'm an adult, i'm allowed to make my own decisions. >> is he being somewhat hypocrite. >> no. i would not allow my children to partake in it either. it's like alcohol, he wouldn't condone me to drink a beer when i was a child. >> that is the underlying
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theme, marijuana like alcohol, beer or wine, that type of thing. san francisco pd have been moving into the area to investigate. we'll check back with them f. we have before the end of the the broadcast, we'll bring it to you. jessie, were any of these people hesitant to go on tv with you because of work? i found one person who said he's about to start a job. after we did the interview, he came back to me and said hey plea don't show that and i don't want my boss or coworkers is to see that. frank, we're beginning to hold it right here, you hear the sirens [ sirens roaring ] this is not too far from
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hippy hill on the other side of the trees. we've lost view of the the fire department apparatus. we'll try to find out exactly what happened. san francisco police have been moving into this area in force but we don't know exactly what's going on. i'll come back and tell you as soon as i can find out. >> a 3-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after being hit by car in east oakland. it happened a few minutes after noon today. the girl was with her mother at the time. the driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with the police. the extent of her injuries are unclear to want. >> two big rigs crashed just
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across the freeway on interstate 880. the first happened about 4:30 this morning. 40 minutes later another big rig was trying to swerve to avoid a distracted driver who may have been rubber necking the first scene. >> california water agencies appealed to relax strict water strickses. they say above average rain and snow has filled resivoes.
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>> we believe the time has come now for the emergency revisions to be rescinded. >> california's urachal leks are huge an conservation should be a way of life in california but some adjustment is warranted. the board is expect today reveal those changes sometime next month. an east bay hospital has become the first in the country to use a new life saving device for heart patients. >> cardiologists are about to try new technology that show heart attack before it happens. heart patients enrolled in this study will be sent home with a special patch to be senatorred.
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doctors and nurses can monitor the patient remotely.? we can call up the patient and say we noticed your heart rate is higher, your respiratory rate is higher, how are you feeling. >> that will a allow them to detect how well or poorly a patient is responding. >> we'll have a daily pick curious a daily snapshot of how that patient is doing and how their heart is doing. >> patient also receive an ipad to community with staff. this has never been tried on heart patients in test. doctors expect to enroll 100 patients next month. >> it's to add a layer to remotemonitorring to patients, keep them out of the hospital and make them feel better and
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make them have better out comes and to better. >> patient also be able to connect with each on their i pad through social media. >> this new study could lead to a new way of treating heart patients throughout the country. cal tran held a special -- this morning ceremony foran honor of fallen workers. >> our highway workers are working 24/7. they work at night and the traffic is always buzzing a foot from our work
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zone. >> orange cones were lined up to represent each of the the 34 workers who have died since 1956. there were no deaths in the bay area last year, but lost one worker in sann bernini dino county. -- sand bern dino county. -- sann bern dino county. a bunch of flowers. -- the car went off the highway.
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>> the victim was found dead after numerous gunshot wounds. the man who was killed was a father of a young daughter. this was the 18th freeway shoot not guilty the east bay in the past six months. >> it's really bad. people are getting shot all over the freeways, all over california during the day or at night. it's not very good. >> investigators believe victim was targeted by the shooter. no description of the shooter or his car has been released. >> motorists had mixed reactions to the latest shooting. >> i would like to see beefed up police security knowing we e have this issue. it's been brought to our towns more often than before. i would like to see more misaction around the area. >> it's self-inflicted you know. it's like my shirt says,
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california wild life right now due to the economy and rerecession. it's not just people randomly doing it. they know what they're doing. >> it could have been targeting, could have been not. i don't know. i just go about my day an hopefully nothing happens. it's unclear if this incident is related to other shootings. the $20 bill is getting another makeover and it will feature herriette tubbman wooded area was a slave and became the leader of the underground railroad that freed hundreds of
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sheas. the bills won't be unvailed until 2020. >> google is being accused of rigging the mobile apps. the european union said googles behavior denies choices of more apps. a statement was are aureolessed saying we look forward to working with the european commission showing that android is good for consumers. >> we'll tell you the city in california l that has the distinction of having the worst air pollution in the state. >> and lake tahoe is getting
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her cited a numberer. -- murkier. we're still tracking rain rain. i'll see you back here with the forecast. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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>> more now on that breaking news in golden gate park. there has been a shooting there. ktvu jessie gary is there now. jessie, what have you learned? >> reporter: icon firmed with witnesses that there was a shooting. one woman told me it was a fight between two men one
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man pulled out a gun started shooting. it happened on the west side of the valley. it's kind of on this side towards the sunny side of your screen is where the shooting happened. we don't have the condition on the victim. we've seen an ambulance and plenty of police officers. as soon as we e get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> all right. jessie. thanks for that update. >> more than 80 percent of californians are at risk for poor air quality. the bulk is from emissions of transportation. >> bakers felled is the worst. plots mool taints in the air --
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pollutants in the air even cause heart problems. >> you peat them in and they can flow through your lungs an not only create problems in your lung, but flow into the bloodstream and a affect the heart and other organs. the report says the cleanest air in california is in the city of salinas south of the bay area. >> warmer waters flowing into lake tahoe made it less transparent because more rain than snow fell last year. despite last year's problem, the lake's water a clarity is better than it was in 1997 at its low points. >> safety improvements being
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called at ocean beach following the drowning of two teenagers. under consideration bringing in life guards when big crowds are expected at ocean benghazi. >> there's no way i would go swimming out in this ocean. approximate if you're not from here and you don't know that, you think we're in california. i'm going to go swimming in the ocean and yu get in there.? this beach has really bad are rip tides. supervisors are expected to meet forecast month to talk about how they can implement some of these safety improvements. >> let's go over to bill with more on the weather. are those rip currents always strong or
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just right now. >> right now is as bad as they get. the waves get smaller and it allows people to want to go it o, but the rip current, i was out on saturday, the day after those young men got in trouble, but the rip currents were horrible. right now they're about as bad as they get all year because the big holes in between the sandbars. we'll talk more about that. we're doing a special in may on ocean beach. it has been one of the most dangerous beaches in the country. that beach has a lot of issues because it's so big and the currents are so strong.
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so here we have a few clouds, patchy fog a along the coast. it's cloudy everywhere tomorrow morning and cloudy most of the day. temperatures are running cooler than yesterday as you knew. if you look you can see that fog out at the coast. just a change in the atmosphere. by the clouds you can see something is changing over the last couple of days from the record heat. changes coming from this low pressure system. it's going to cool us further on thursday and further cooling on friday. it doesn't get cold gaskell, mid 60s on friday with the rain. it's not going to get cold. a couple of days ago we were hitting 90 degrees, now we're talking mid 60ings, so that's a
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big bump. tomorrow your yellows will be the 70s, most of us tomorrow upper 60s. the forecast model, partly cloudy but. >> friday morning there's a good shot of showers during your morning community. friday afternoon i think it dries out. in the the mountains, they'll get possibly a foot of snow there. o so here we go, clouds tomorrow, not a bad day, friday the showers kick up and do pretty much the entire day as we head into saturday and sunday, a nicer weekend. that urban area, san francisco, that 750,000 people all within driving distance of one of the most deadly beaches in the country.
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when it gets hot, those people go to the coast. that's why it can be so dangerous. >> you want to go in, but it's a good reminder when you tell us how strong it is. >> bill, thank you. >> warriors are in houston tonight preparing for game three. the same question, will steph curry be able to play tomorrow night. we'll have that next in sports. joy, the president of the united states is in saudi arabia tonight. coming up what's happening here in the u.s. raising tension between president obama and saudi leaders. >> governor brown and his wife have put their house on the market. why the asking price might surprise you. these stories and more coming up at
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nasa is sharing stunning new video of what aurar -- aurora looks like from the spaceship. when electrically charged proon thes and electrons collide with neutral atoms in the earth's upper atmosphere. >> i'm glad you had that one instead of me. >> those are big words. mark is here now. let's talk about the warriors. did we
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get an update on steph's ankle this. >> it's all anybody wants to hear about. it's good news. i'll say it guardedly. i don't think he will play tomorrow night. the positive side of things, take a look at him today. as he worked out getting ready for the game, he seemed to have went through his original practice routine. he looked so good just a little while before. >> based on how i right now i probably couldn't play, but tomorrow it could be different. there's a lot of trust kind of both ways of reporting how i feel and things that the athletic training staff need to
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see in getting me right and getting me better and also how i feel on the floor is a big part of it. >> people say give him two weeks off and he's be find, but what about his shooting arm and his handle. players want to play and feel the rhythm and have conditioning. test a rest versus rhythm equation we have to factor in there. >> he said he's going to tweak it, kind of a mom's view. >> it's better maybe to lay off. what do i know, though. >> that's a mom's view. >> the a's are doing well back in new york. yankee's stadium is the place. there are a's fan there. they won last night's
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game in extra innings and they're leading 3-1 today. the ball get as way from brian mccannn and the a's with a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the seventh involving. no warrior stuff, just more speculation on steph, right. >> yeah. and let's hope the sharks can win at home.? it's funny. their coach said can't you come up with another story line beside we want win at home. i was like just win a home game. >> mark, thank you. coming up, dozens of brand new bikes going to kids in need.? that's a good story. we'll have that and much more
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for you coming up tonight at 10:00. thanks for joining us. good night.
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